Sunday, December 11, 2011

Martha Mondays - Week Three

I am back on track with Martha Mondays after a week off.
This week we made chicken and dumplings, which I loved.  The highlight for me was cooking with parsnips - I have never used them before! I had two extra from the recipe -I roasted them with salt and olive oil and they were SO good.
The one thing I did wrong was letting the pot boil when I was reheating it after putting all of the ingredients back together. This caused most of the dumplings to disintegrate. Ah, well,  now I know for next time.
Gentleman friend and roommate of gentleman friend both LOVED it and we all had two bowls each.
 Here is the chickie in the pot with all of its yummy vegetable friends

 Reassembly time!
Here it is - Chicken and dumplings in my very full pot (yes I need a bigger stock pot)
Cooking chicken and dumplings for my man on a Saturday felt supremely Southern and wonderful. It was gray and cloudy in Texas, and this dish certainly hit the spot. The house smelled great all day, I didn't spend too much at the grocery, and there are plenty of leftovers. Perfect!


  1. Looks great. We liked this a lot too!

  2. thanks y'all! i'm glad we made it together:)

  3. So glad you liked the recipe. I picked it because I love chicken and dumplings, but I ruined it when I made it. I wasn't careful with making the dumplings (OK, my excuse is that I had a cold), and the end result was that the dumplings came apart when I dropped them in the soup. Too embarrassed to post that. Glad to meet you, and glad to be blogging with you!